What we do

OFI is a non-profit organisation that provides holistic oxygen services to hospitals – helping you get oxygen to every patient who needs it. We know oxygen is expensive, and it can be a huge headache for hospital managers and governments. We are here to make it easier.

1.       Designing a solution. We will help you work out what oxygen solutions will be best for your needs – from equipment, to training, to maintenance and quality checks. We do it all.

2.       Making it affordable. We will help you reduce costs by building more efficient systems, enabling your staff to use it better – and leveraging support from donors and the private sector.

3.       Ensuring sustainability. We will help you keep things going through sustainable financing mechanism, ongoing support and re-training, and easily accessible technical assistance.

Contact our friendly team to find out how we can help you do oxygen better.

Training and Implementation Resources

We are passionate about making our training and implementation resources freely available for others to use. We welcome your feedback.

You can access all our Oxygen Resources here – https://bit.ly/O2resources. These include:

    1. Oxygen clinical decision support tool
    2. Pulse Oximetry training – Training package and accompanying video [DOC, PDF, MP4, YouTube
    3. Oxygen training – Training package (covering hypoxaemia, oximetry, oxygen therapy, concentrator use, pneumonia, plus training tips and FAQs) [DOC, PDF], Training presentation [PPT], Oxygen in the time of COVID-19 presentation [PPT], 



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